Fire at Will!

"it's all about the look"

background - black
font color - either lime green, gray, blue, silver, hott pink
Words: I gave you my love. I gave you my soul. I gave you my body. Can't you give me your love?

*Animation or picture, if you want, would be awsome!!
Thanks ^.^
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bright eyes 3

It's all about the look baby

Hey everyone! I have a pretty simple rquest.
I wanted this:
You are beautiful
But you don't mean a thing to me

in light/pepto bismal kind of pink on a black/dark gray background.
but i was hoping that it could be in a small font except for beautiful, which would be in a swirly cursive.
Maybe some lines around the borders, and a small heart?
I dont know! whatever you think is hot.
There is one example I found that I really liked, and it was __jerkasaurus icon, but you have to go to a communtity shes in (like the__preps) to see it. But whatever you come up with will be appreciated!


it's all about the look

Hey guys...
I want a My Chemical Romance icon with this picture:

and I want it so say "Im not o-fucking-kay" (or if there is a policy against swearing or something them "I'm Not Okay" is good) or something along those lines... I don't really care what it looks like, as long as there is some type of animation involved (especially with the writing)...
If that is too vauge, comment and tell me... thanks...